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save the freedom of speech — is independent media from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We’ve been reporting on the Russian-Ukrainian war since the day it started. As a result, our website was blocked by the Russian government.

For ten years we’ve been writing about the local community, business and initiatives. Yet, our main goal was always to improve life in the city we love.

Political repression in numbers

15 years

Journalists can face up to 15 years in prison for writing and spreading truthful information about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

1500 websites

Russian media regulator Roskomnadzor has blocked access to more than 1500 domestic and international media websites over the coverage of Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine

4978 protocols

People of Saint-Petersburg faced almost 5 000 administrative penalties for discrediting the Russian army and participating in illegal protests

We lost all sponsored content — our main source of income. Russian companies are afraid to do business with us. Our journalists can be arrested and prosecuted because they disobey the new military censorship and choose to tell the truth.

Despite this, we keep writing about the people of Saint-Petersburg: how they resist, protest, get arrested and give their all to support independent journalism. We launched a crowdfunding campaign and survived the past two months thanks to our users. Yet, with the Russian economic shutdown all local donations might get cut off any minute.

Want to learn more about us? Check some of our stories below.
Russian authorities want to put Sasha Skochilenko in prison for 10 years because of anti-war messages. Here is her story

We need money to save our journalists from repressions, remain independent and keep on writing inspiring and powerful stories, so the citizens of Saint-Petersburg have hope for the future and the energy to fight back.

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