Keep the light in the darkness
Propaganda tries to convince us that we are alone, but that’s not true. Together with thousands of people in Russia, we keep fighting for peace, freedom, and justice.

Every day, we frankly and openly tell the stories of how war has affected the life of St. Petersburg, Russia’s the second-largest and most European city. We share inspirational stories about people who bring light closer. That’s how we support our readers, and you can support us.
Paper is an independent media from St. Petersburg. For 11 years, we’ve been writing about the people in the city who defend their rights and the place they call home. After the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we kept covering protests and honestly reporting on the consequences of the war. As a result, our website has been blocked by the Russian government.

We remain true to our main goal — making life better in the city we love.
Values we stand for
We believe in the freedom of expression, thought, and choice. We advocate for the rights and liberties of individuals
We value truth and integrity in journalism, seeking to provide accurate and unbiased information to our readers
We stand united with the people of our city, supporting and empowering individuals and communities
Human rights
We prioritize the protection of human rights, ensuring the dignity, equality, and well-being of every individual

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We provide independent and unbiased reporting, delivering accurate and reliable information to our readers. We empower our readers by providing them with knowledge and resources to protect themselves from repressive laws and to bypass restrictions on freedom of speech.

Your contribution enables us to pay for the work of the editorial team and support those on the side of light.
What is actually happening in Russia?
Why do Russian media seek your support?

9 300 sites were blocked *
Russian media regulator Roskomnadzor has blocked access to domestic and international media websites over the coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine just last year.

* according to Roskomsvoboda (a public organization protecting digital rights)

Why don’t Russians participate in protests?

20 467 arrests*
So many Russians were persecuted for political reasons in 2022. 4978 administrative cases were made against people of St. Petersburg.

* according to OVD-Info (a human rights project about political persecution in Russia; by decision of the Russian Ministry of Justice is a foreign agent )

Why don’t they protest even online?

15 years in prison
Journalists and ordinary citizens can face up to 15 years in prison for writing and spreading truthful information about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
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For partners
In March 2022, the Russian government blocked our website within the territory of Russia due to its coverage of the war in Ukraine.

In response, we launched new projects for citizens who do not support the war and our own VPN service Paper VPN which provides access to our website and other unbiased independent news sources without propaganda. Also we started a new local media in Tbilisi, Georgia, where more than 60,000 Russian citizens were living last year following the outbreak of the war.

Additionally, we conduct sociological research, organize online and offline events using our media expertise. We're always open to collaborations. You can find the details about all of our projects in the presentation.

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Despite this, there are still those who resist the war
It is within your power to help these people get news without propaganda

Thank you for your concern
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